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Smile Gallery

Dr. Tajik knows that nothing says as much about a dentist’s abilities as his or her results. You can see the results of Dr. Tajik’s work here on the gallery page. Click an image to enlarge.

Case 1

Replacement of old mercury ased silver filling with tooth colored compoiste filling.

Case 2

Gum lifting to expose more if your own natural tooth using a diode laser. A painless procedure that can be done in less than 30 min.

Case 3

Before and immediately post treatment pictures of laser gum recontouring.

Case 4

Fractured front teeth restored with a veneer and a porcelain crown.

Case 5

Discolored old crowns replaced with new all ceramic biomimetic crowns.

Case 6

Replacing old flat composite fillling with naturally contoured and shaped restoration to match your tooth.

Case 7

Two natural porcelain veneers to change this smile.

Case 8

Direct filling for a conservative and beautiful restoration.

Case 9

Life changing porcelain veneers.

Case 10

Same day immediate implant placement. No more waiting for months to get your implant after an extraction.

Case 11

Single implant placement with no scarring or stitches necessary.

Case 12

Case 13

Case 14

Case 15

Case 16

Case 17

Case 18

Case 19

Case 20

Case 21

Case 22

Case 23

Case 24

Case 25

Case 26

Case 27

Case 28

Case 29

Case 30