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Children’s Dentistry

Caring for Younger Smiles

It’s never too early to teach young children how to care for their smiles, and one of the most important lessons they can learn is the importance of routine dental care. Like adults, good hygiene at home is only half of an effective preventive dental care routine for children. The other half involves regular professional exams and cleanings, and in many cases, additional measures from your North Hollywood dentist to ensure the prevention of cavities, bite issues, and more. Such measures are especially important for guiding the proper growth and development of your child’s smile and avoiding potentially serious oral health problems in adulthood.

Children’s Dentistry Treatments

Children’s dentistry doesn’t differ greatly from adult dental care. For instance, prevention is equally important and the cornerstone of most treatment plans, and optimal results rely on maintaining a consistent schedule of visits. However, many children also benefit from treatments such as:

Compassionate Care Specifically for Children

Setting children up for a lifetime of healthy and beautiful smiles means teaching them to get used to regular dental care. To learn more, schedule a consultation with your family dentist in North Hollywood, CA, by calling Modern Smiles at 818-763-9353. We also proudly serve patients who live in Burbank, Toluca Lake, and all surrounding communities.