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BIOLASE® Laser Dentistry

Laser-Assisted Dental Procedures


One of the most exciting technologies we’ve adopted at our North Hollywood dentist’s office is our array of innovative dental laser systems that allows us to perform a wide variety of treatments with unparalleled precision. The BIOLASE® Epic X laser is specially calibrated to provide optimal treatment results on hard tooth structure or soft oral tissues, depending on the specific procedure. Because it’s so minimally invasive compared to most other treatment techniques (including scalpel-based oral surgery and periodontal procedures), the Epic X produces little to no bleeding and typically don’t require sutures afterward.

Better Care with the Epic X Laser

The most common uses for BIOLASE’s Epic X laser are performing soft-tissue procedures such as gum contouring and periodontal cleaning and maintenance. The concentrated light from the laser offers substantially enhanced precision compared to a metal scalpel, which translates to faster procedures and more accurate treatment results. In the case of periodontal care, the laser also eliminates a large percentage of harmful bacteria among your gum tissues, which reduces your risk of more extensive gum disease or infection following your procedure. In addition, we also utilize the Epic X laser for other treatments, including:

Benefit from More Precise Laser Dentistry

With the right laser dentistry technique, you can enjoy more comfortable and precise treatment for a wide variety of procedures. To learn more, schedule a consultation with your North Hollywood, CA, dentist by calling Modern Smiles today at 818-763-9353. We also proudly serve patients who live in Burbank, Toluca Lake, and all surrounding communities.